Samsung HW-S60A 5.0ch All in one Soundbar Review In 2021

HW-S60A Alexa Built-in Soundbar best for Samsung, LG, and all other smart TVs

“Experience Room-Filling Sound with Dual-Sided Horn Speakers & Samsung Acoustic Beam Technology”. that’s all the new Samsung HW-S60A Soundbar promises to deliver to you. Though the original Samsung HW-S60A Soundbar is not a new product by Samsung, it was released back in 2020. But during this month Samsung has officially launched this product with more advanced technology. If you are someone who has seen this product & interested to buy this then this review is something that you should read first to make your final buying decision.

This is the most innovative technology of an audio device till now. If you have minimum space to keep your soundbox then the best option for you might be a soundbar just like the Samsung HW-S60A Soundbar. The soundbar has a very compact & smart size that can fit any place. For the best experience, you should keep this in front of your Smart TV. It may not replace the audio experience that you can get from a Best Bookshelf Speaker or Best Floorstanding Speaker. But the audio quality it can provide will surely impress most of you. You can call this the easiest solution for a better audio experience.

As we mentioned earlier, it is a soundbar with a compact bar size. The length of this soundbar is around 30 inches, the height is around 2.6 inches & the width is around 4.9 inches. This small & compact size will fit the minimum space in front of your Smart TV.

It is also Travel Friendly & weighs only about 6.9 pounds. That means you can also carry it with you anywhere you want. It is available in a black color variant. The overall look of this soundbar will impress any of you at the first sight. This elegant design of this soundbar is refined by Kvadrat to ensure ultimate beauty. The built quality of this soundbar is also top-notch. Samsung dedicated its lifetime experience to provide you a quality product with its premium built quality.

This is the section that you might be more concerned about. Samsung HW-60T Soundbar has a well-built 4.0 channel setup. The technology Samsung used here is Samsung’s Acoustic Beam technology. This technology where there are up-firing speakers you will find on the bar with a combination of side horn speakers.

This technology uses your surrounding environment to enhance its audio quality. It will fire its audio towards the front wall & will provide you a more immersive audio experience. That means if the front wall is nearby then the audio quality will enhance automatically. But if you are using this in a wide-open room then the audio quality will fall a bit. This soundbar is also well known to deliver deep bass with a clear voice. The built-in subwoofer inside this soundbar delivers rich & deep bass. This type of audio is also helpful to enjoy your favorite music.

There are two modes available in this soundbar. One is Music Mode & the other one is Adaptive Mode. The Music Mode is specially designed to provide you a better musical experience. It understands what is playing & tries to enhance the music experience. On the other hand, the Adaptive Mode is best for watching movies & TV series. It enhances the voice quality to deliver you a clear audio experience. Using this mode you can hear low voices in a movie like whispering very clearly. The overall audio experience of the Samsung HW-S60A Soundbar is quite balanced to meet most of your expectations.

The Samsung HW-S60A Soundbar comes with WiFi & Bluetooth support. That means you can stream your favorite music from your mobile phone or other Bluetooth-supported devices using this. The AIRPLAY 2 feature allows you to stream music from your ios devices. It also has Built-in Alexa Voice Assistant. It will be very helpful to stream your favorite music online just by using your verbal command.

We already have recommended the Samsung HW-S60A Soundbar to many of our fabs. However, if you are not new here then you must know that we never become biased while making a detailed review of any product. This review is a result of our restless research. We have told almost everything that you should consider this soundbar. But this Soundbar also has some lackings. As we mentioned earlier, if there is no wall on the front of this soundbar then you may not get the best audio experience out of this. Also if you are expecting an immersive audio experience that a high-quality soundbox can provide you then this might not be the best choice for you, You can go for the Best Bookshelf Speaker or Best Floorstanding Speaker instead. But if you are looking for a balanced audio quality, detailed voice quality, compact size & smart user experience then this can be the perfect match for you.

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