How To Remove Scratches From a Car

how to remove scratches from car paint

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If you want to deal with something important on your own then it is always the best idea to take advice from someone who is an expert or someone who already has experience dealing with that. BCC (Best Car Cleaning) has always been one of the most trusted places for car owners because they can get their best car cleaning products along with valuable advice from experts.

You may already have understood by the title that this post is all about car scratch repair & how to remove scratches from a car. You will find numerous articles based on auto scratch repair, but honestly speaking those are mainly based on some specific brands & qualitative researches. You will find very few articles which are written with real-life experience. Well if you are here then you will be lucky to know that this article is based on one of our experts who wanted to try different types of scratch removers. For this purpose, even he did several deep, light & medium scratches on his old car to provide you the best advice to remove scratches from the car. Here is what he told us based on his real-life experiment on how to fix car scratches.

Before you try to remove your car scratches first you need to understand the car paint. So basically when your car gets attached to something sharp it is more likely that the paint will come out & your car surface will be scratched. Nowadays most of the car has three layers of paint. On top of the bare metal of your car surface there is a primer, then the base paint which reflects the actual color of your car exterior & finally there is a clear coating that protects the base color & provides that shiny look. This is also the thickest layer among these three. Now, when our expert tried to create several scratches on the car surface then these three things happened.

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A. Light/Minor Scratches & Swirl: Minor or light scratches are very common for a car owner. It is quite common that your car will receive those types of scratches in time. Light scratches & swirls can show up for various reasons. Even if you do not use The Right Brush Attachments To Wash Your Car, you may leave some swirl & scratches. What our expert did is used an old brush & rubbed the car surface. It caused light scratches & swirl to appear on the surface. As a result, only the clear coating of the car paint was scratched & it did not touch the base paint of the car.

B. Medium Scratches: When the scratches completely damage the clear coating of the car surface, that is we call a medium scratch. Medium scratches can be made with various things. In this case, what our expert did is tried to lightly scratch the car using a stick. This created a scratch that almost damaged the clear coat of car paint. One funny thing he noticed is that his pet cat can also create several medium scratches on the car surface if the cat is allowed to. You can almost feel this type of scratches by putting put your fingertips on top of that.

C. Stubborn Scratch or Deep Scratch: Deep or stubborn scratch is considered as the scratch that you can feel with your fingers easily. In this case, the clear coating is completely damaged & it also damages the base color. Some scratches can be so deep that the under steel will also be affected by this. Our expert took a knife & made several deep scratches using the tip. Some scratches became so deep that the steel body was damaged heavily.

Now you know all types of scratches your car may receive, now it is time to know how to buff out scratches from the car. Before we start you should know that a DIY car scratch repair system like using toothpaste, banana, etc. which you may have seen in several DIY pages & websites does not work properly. Those things may ruin your car paint instead of correcting the scratches. So that we always recommend that you have the Right Car Scratch Repair Kit to make car paint scratch repair easier than ever before. The product we are going to mention is suggested by our professional who tested these products on his old car. You will find these products here 11 Best Car Scratch Remover In the market at this time.

This is quite an easy job. According to our expert, all the 11 products he tested were successful to do so. What you need to do is just apply the product as it is said in the description tag. You also need the right tool to apply these products like an applicator, sponge, or microfiber cloths. If you do not have any then buy a car scratch remover kit that comes with an applicator. Confident, Trinova, Turtle Wax, these car scratch removers provide an applicator that really works well. If you have a polisher machine then you can also use that. But to remove light scratches & swirl this option is not mandatory.

Medium scratches are quite stubborn compared to light scratches & swirls. No matter which product you use, it can not give you the best result while removing a medium car scratch. Our expert tried several products in this scenario. Not all the products worked. Especially if you use those products using your bare hand & sponge applicators, the result may not satisfy you. Only one product was really good at this stage. QUIXX paint scratch repair was best among all other products when our expert used this using the applicator given. But we always recommend using any of the car scratch repair cream using a Car Buffer & Polisher. In this link, you will find all types of buffers & polishers including buying & using guidelines.

A deep scratch can be a real pain in the ass. DIY car scratch repair tips may not work all the time. According to our professional, he used all the products on several deep scratches. Maximum products was a failure to do the job. Even he used a rotary polisher but did not work properly. But there is one product that was quite impressive according to him. And that is Chemical Guys VSS Car Scratch Remover. Only using this product applying with a polisher was quite good enough to repair the deep scratches. But it did not provide a hundred percent result on most deep scratches, only made those less visible. So what he suggested is to using several products step by step to remove deep scratches. This method includes 3 easy steps. First, you need to rub the scratches area using sandpaper. Second, you need to use a rubbing compound using a Power Drill or Car Polisher. In this case, the product our expert suggested is the Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound. You will find this product at third on our list given before. The third & final step is using a car scratch remover using your polisher.

According to our expert Carfidant, Meguiar’s, 3M, Chemical Guys, Quixx, those products worked really well. Other products on our list also provided a good result when used properly. The product that did not work at all is the GRIOT’S GARAGE because it is meant to only clean your car surface & remove swirl & very light scratches. If you follow these three steps it is not guaranteed that the deep scratch will disappear completely, but sure will be less visible,” said our expert.

  • Before using any car scratch remover make sure that it goes with your car paint color. If you have a dark painted car then there are some car scratch removers like the Carfidant Ultimate Scratch Remove & Turtle Wax in our list has scratch removers for black & dark color cars. Use those for better results.
  • Before using any scratch remover wash your car properly using Car High-Pressure Washer & Car Wash Foam.
  • Rubbing the scratched area with sandpaper before applying a car scratch remover will make the result better.
  • Always use The Best Car Buffer & Polisher for the best result using any car scratch repair cream.
  • If you have several deep scratches & also the paints have come out from different areas then you can not repair this at home, no matter which DIY tips you follow. In this scenario take your car to the auto body shop to repair your car paint.

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