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33 Easy step For professional use that is supper fastest way — Extreme Detailing And REVIVAL DIRTY Car

Here at BCC (BEST CAR CLEANING), this is the most awaited & demanding post for most car owners. The main reason you visit us is to find the right tips, tools, products & machinery that help in car cleaning. And car cleaning is not limited to washing your car only, it is about all the other details. That is why you will be charged much more if you put your car in the garage for detaining other than a car wash.

But if you have one car then you do not need to put your car in the garage for washing & detailing. Having the right tool & products will make you an expert in car detailing. Some machinery & tools are but expensive, but if you buy these once then you can use them for years. And of course, here we are to ensure you that you get the best car cleaning & detailing tips to work like a pro. Let us tell you everything about extreme detailing & the revival of dirty car tips step by step.

You do not need to search all over the internet & visit several pages to understand the meaning of car detailing. It really is very simple, car detailing refers to the combination of all activities that your car needs to be renewed. Most of the time car detailing refers to the various cleaning process of the car exterior, interior & intercooler as well. This is a complete process which washing interior & exterior parts, vacuuming, polishing, waxing, removing any scratch & also protecting your car interior & exterior. You can say it is the reconditioning of your car as well. If you can follow all the processes correctly then after a proper car detailing you will end up with a brand new looking car.

Do you think that car detailing & car washing are the same things? If so then it is time for you to understand that your idea about the car or any automobile detailing is totally wrong. Washing & detailing are 2 different things. In fact, washing is a part of car detailing, on the other hand, car detailing includes recovering every single detail of your car interior & exterior.

If you have seen how people wash their car or did yourself then you definitely know the process of car washing. Car washing involves mainly washing your car using soap & water. This is a very effective process to keep your car neat & clean. Whenever you bring your car on the road then it is obvious that your car will face dirt, dust, grime, tree sap, bird dropping & even heavy rain. So it is a good idea to wash your car using a Car High-Pressure Washer and Pressure Cleaning Tools regularly to keep your car clean.

But here comes the important part, it is very common to receive several minor scratches, even a deeper one on your car. Maybe you are a very good driver & always try to avoid getting scratches on your car surface. But it is very common that in time the paint of your car will be faded. UV sun rays, watermarks, are something you need to deal with. Whether you want it or not, you can not skip those. A regular car wash can not solve those problems. That is where car detailing comes to solve these unwanted things for car owners like you.

Another key difference between car washing & car detailing is that car wash does not include car interior cleaning most of the time. It is not that you can simply wash your car interior using a car pressure washer all the time, your car interior includes several sensitive parts that you can just wash simply using water & soap. You need various detailing tools to do that. But car detailing also includes cleaning & detailing each & every interior part of your car. That makes car detailing way more different from regular car washing.

So now we hope you already have understood the key differences between car washing & car detailing. Here are the extreme detailing & revival of dirty car tips you need to follow.

We have divided the whole process into 3 parts to let you understand better. First, the exterior detailing, second the intercooler detailing & third is the interior detailing process. But before you dig into your work you need to look for your safety first. For this wear hand gloves, mask & clear glasses. Also, there is one more important thing that many people do not follow or just forget about it. That is to turn in your Ozone Generator Machine & put it inside your car. Thus you will be protected from inhaling any harmful gas that can do damage to your inner organs. If you are all ready then let us start.

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33 Best Car Detailing Tips STEP BY STEP

Exterior Car Detailing DIY Car Detailing Tips

Here Are The Steps…

First, you need to make ready your Car High-Pressure Washer for work. Just plug in it & keep it in a safe & flexible position so that you can move it around if needed.

To get the best result from your car's high-pressure washer you need to use a Water High-Pressure Wand. Just simply attach this to your high-pressure washer & rinse the exterior of your car including tires, glasses & all other parts that you can reach.

Wheel Cleaner Spray, Wheel Cleaner Brush, car wheel brush, brush for car wheel, wheel wash brush, best wheel brushes,
Wheel Cleaner Spray, Wheel Cleaner Brush, car wheel brush, brush for car wheel, wheel wash brush, best wheel brushes,

After you rinse off the exterior now you need to deep clean the wheels & tires of your car. Your tires & wheels get dirty the most. That is why just rinsing with water as basic cleaning is not enough. Use a Good Quality Wheel Cleaner Spray to clean the wheels & tires. You need the Right Brush Attachment as well to reach every detail & clean properly. For best result use a Car Power Drill Washer to attach brushes & wash your car wheels & tires easily.

Undercarriage Car Wash, undercarriage wash, Car Wash water broom, water broom, ryobi pressure washer water broom,
Undercarriage Car Wash, undercarriage wash, Car Wash water broom, water broom, ryobi pressure washer water broom,

Many people skip this step while washing or even detailing their car. But for proper car detailing there is no way to skip this part. Usually, people get more attention to clean the parts that are visible most of the time & neglect the parts like car undercarriage. But your automobile undercarriage gets dirty very easily like the tires & there are lots of dirt, debris & grime get stuck there. That is why you need to clean this. But using an ordinary wand is not a great idea here. You need to kneel down to do so, even after that, you can not clean your car undercarriage properly. We suggest using a Car Undercarriage Cleaner & Detailer to deep clean the car undercarriage for a proper car detailing process.

Now it is time to cover your entire car exterior with foam using a Foam Cannon Spray Gun. Use a Good Quality Car Wash Foam to get the best result.

After covering your car with foam take your Car Detailing Brush & brush the parts near your headlights, mirrors, window corners, & fuel tank cover for extra detail.

After detailing your car using a car detail brush & power drill use your microfiber duster to rub the entire car exterior. This includes your car windows & front glass as well. Then again rinse your car using a high-pressure water wand.

After rinsing with water you need to dry your car surface. To do this safely & easily use a Car Microfiber Towel & wipe off your entire car surface to make it dry.

Now it is time to remove all the irons from your car surface that may out scratch on your car pain. To do so you need the Best Iron Remover Spray. Just simply spray all over your car surface & then let it sit for a while. You can see that the irons will turn purple & start melting down. Then just simply rinse your car again using your water wand. And you need to wipe your car dry again using a microfiber towel.

To take extra care if your car paint & remove minor scratches you need to use a clay bar to detail your car paint. For this, you need a Good Quality Clay Bar. Before using the clay bar you need to spray the Iron Remover Spray again just in case if there are any contaminants stuck to the paint such as tar, tree sap, bug gut, etc. You can also use the clay bar lubricant that you can get with a Clay Bar Kit. Spray the iron remover & rub the clay bar all over your car paint. This will decontaminate the pain of your car & make it as clean as possible. Then again wipe your entire car paint using a microfiber towel.

When you are done cleaning your car paint then it is time to polish your car paint & remove any minor scratch to make your car paint looks new. To do so you need the Best Car Buffer & Polisher & a Cutting Disc to attach to your polisher machine. We recommend using a 5” cutting disc for better results.

To get the best polishing effect you need to use a Good Quality Car Correcting Cream & Scratch Remover. Put a few dots on your cutting disc pad & turn in your polisher. Polish your car surface setting the car polisher at a speed of four to six for the best result. Do not miss any part of the car paint. Take your time & do this job. And remember you do not need to put too much pressure during polishing your car. Just move slowly from one place to another to get the best result. Thus the scratch removal & paint correction will be magnificently noticeable.

The next step is to remove any polish residue that might get stuck on your car paint. To do so take your microfiber towel & wipe any extra cream from the car surface after polishing. Then take Pain Prep Spray & spray all over your car paint & wipe off using a microfiber towel. This will make sure that the ceramic coating can properly bond to your car paint.

Use a Good Quality Ceramic Coating for this job. Then put some coating to a Micro Suede Cloth & start applying. Be careful while coating your car paint with a ceramic layer & make sure that you put even ceramic coating all over your car paint.

Now again take your microfiber towel & wipe the ceramic coated area. After doing that you need to through that towel & never use that. Because the ceramic coating will make the towel edges sharp which may put a scratch on the car surface if you use that again.

Now that is all, your car exterior is done with detailing.

DIY Cleaning The Intercooler & Dirty Engine Bay

A proper car detailing also includes cleaning the car intercooler & engine bay. But we recommend doing this after Step 9 of car exterior cleaning. Thus your car paint will not receive any dirt from your car intercooler. Here are the steps to do this.

First, you need to cover the entire intercooler & engine bat using a Good Quality Car Degreaser Spray. Then let it sit for one or two minutes.

After applying the degreaser spray coat you need to brush the parts of the car intercooler & engine bay. For this use a Car Detailing Brush. Use different shapes of detailing brushes to reach each & every corner & tight areas if your car intercooler & engine bay & make those clean.

car engine wash, car engine Rinse Off, Rinse Off,
car engine wash, car engine Rinse Off, Rinse Off,

After brushing rinse off the intercooler & engine bay immediately using Water Hose. Do not let the degreaser dry for a perfect clean. One thing to be remembered, use a Regular Water Hose to clean this area, do not use a high-pressure washer. This may damage some sensitive areas.

This step is not a mandatory one. If you want to do a hurry then use a Blower to get rid of the majority of the water. Thus you can wipe off the rest water easily.

To make your car intercooler & engine bays dry simply take a microfiber towel & wipe off until you get rid of all the water.

Now apply some Aerospace Protectant using a microfiber cloth on all the black parts of the engine bay for extra detail & a shiny look.

That is all for the car intercooler & dirty engine bay detailing.

Interior Car Detailing DIY Car Detailing Tips

Now it is time to clean & detail the car interior. But before you start make sure that you remove all your personal stuff from inside your car. Now here are the steps.

In the first part of interior car cleaning, you need to remove all the mats & take those to the cleaning place.

Pet Hair Removal Brush, Pet Hair Removal Brush for car, car Hair Removal Brush, carpet Hair Removal Brush,
Pet Hair Removal Brush, Pet Hair Removal Brush for car, car Hair Removal Brush, carpet Hair Removal Brush,

If you have pets then this step is mandatory for you. Use a pet hair removal brush to remove all the pet hair from your car mat. Thus you will not struggle while brushing your car mats.

Then spray a Mat & Carpet Cleaner all over your car mats. You can also use your regular car wash soap & spray using a spray wand.

Drill Brush for Car Mat, best drill for auto detailing, drill for auto detailing, drill for car detailing, best carpet brush,
Drill Brush for Car Mat, best drill for auto detailing, drill for auto detailing, drill for car detailing, best carpet brush,

To clean your car mats properly you must need a Car Power Drill. This will not just deep clean the car mats, also will save you time. But you need the Right Brush Attachments to do this as well. And the best thing is you can use these power drills in various car cleaning works like brushing your car interior & exterior, cleaning tires & wheel, cleaning carpet & even you can use this to clean your household stuff & of course drilling tasks.

After power, drill brushing the car mats use your car's high-pressure washer wand to rinse off. If necessary then drill brush again & rinse off.

When you are done with the car mats now remove the rear floor liner. Again use the Pet Hair Removal Comb to remove any pet hair. Then take the Vacuum Cleaner to clean the liner. There are lots of Portable Car Vacuum Cleaners available here. You can use those as well.

Next, take your Vacuum Cleaner & start vacuuming the car seats. Move the vacuum nozzle slowly so that you get a deep cleaning. Change the nozzle if you need to.

To clean the rest of the parts of your car interior takes your vacuum cleaner & star vacuuming. At the same time use car detailing brush to make the cleaning process more effective. Change the brushes & nozzles as per need & for tight spaces.

Now take your Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner & remove all the debris from your car floor.

When you are done with the basic interior cleaning you need to detail your car Interior. For this take a Good Quality Car Interior Detailer Spray & spray all over your car interior, starting from car seats, door handles, seat backs, etc. Then wipe off using a microfiber cloth. Use detailing brushes for the tough parts like car seat backs & rub those parts gently. Then wipe off as usual.

Car Pedals get dirty very easily. Because all the dirt from your shoes sticks there. That is why you need to take extra care of the pedals. For this first spray your detailing spray there & then take your Car Steam Cleaner. Provide direct steam there or for best result use an attachment brush to the Car Steamer hose & rub the pedals. After finishing that wipe off using a microfiber towel.

The last step is using Aerospace Protectant on the black plastic parts of your car's back parts & lower parts. This will protect that area & keep the color dark & shiny.

That is all you need to do for automobile detailing. We hope now you have understood that car detailing is everything your car cleaning desire & you can do it by yourself.

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